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Mummy Writes… is a family and lifestyle blog, with subjects covering family life from babies to tweens, health and wellbeing, as well as reviews and opinions about aspects of life.

About me
I’m a mum in my late thirties, living in Gloucestershire. I’ve been married for 16 years and we have four children. My professional writing career includes over 18 years in the publishing industry. I have run my own successful editorial company for over 10 years from home. My writing portfolio includes after-dinner games, joke books, children’s books, adult humour books, editing indie novels, as well as copywriting for websites and promotional newsletters, emails and blog posts.

Working with me
I’m happy to discuss opportunities to collaborate with brands and companies on:
– sponsored posts
– product reviews
– guest posts
– being a Brand Ambassador

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Simply email me with your proposal and I’ll get back to you quickly.


10 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. hi kelli. your writings have helped me so much. i lost my 17 year old daughter kira very suddely to an apparent cardiac arrthymia almost six years ago. i sometimes forget the death of a child happens all over the world every day, not just in a small town in southern ontario canada. my husband and i are in our mid-fifties and both lost our jobs of 30 years due to our inability to concentrate any more. thankfully we have enough money to life off of. i have spent the last 5 1/2 yrs on every kind of anti-depressant, anxiety, drugs until 12 pills later and a major melt down at the cemetary last weekend which would have been my precious kiras 23rd birthday, i realized not only were they not helping me but were physically making me sick as well being dozy all the time. i am lucky enough to have two surviving boys in thier 20’s, but they have now moved out and my husband and i are left to face each day with the giref and all the what would have beens and the if onlys. i was in such shock for so long i could not cry at our house where she died or at the funeral or anywhere. being off all those meds has finally allowed me to grieve. your are so fortunate to have a young family still to raise that probably brings some joy and bubble to your home. i go to a moms bereavement group and one mom said you have to reinvent yourself. i guess that is what i do to take every ounce of energy and then some to get up and still be there for my husband and two surviving children. god, for some reason, keeps making me alive another day. i know you must be soooo busy with your life especially your young children, but just wanted you to know i read some of your writings every day and you do give me strength at even my darkest times. your Abi was a beautiful vibrant girl just like my kira whose life and light was snuffed out so unexpectanty and unfairly. maybe they are together looking down on us now. god bless. and by the way are taking your advice about starting to go for walks and eat better, whether i feel like it or not. thanks again

    1. Thank you so much for your message. I have been thinking about it a lot since you sent it. What you say is so true and so heartbreaking. We have to carry this weight of grief forever, until we see them again. The pills don’t do anything, but talking and sharing will so please do message me anytime. I will always read your message although can’t always respond quickly but I carry and pray on it. You are living and grieving, you are normal in that, you are doing all you can. Make more time for you, for doing things you feel something from? I have started reading books again, do you like to read? I’m so sorry about Kira. I heard that the reason we feel so bad still is because our love for them has nowhere to go. Just keep loving her. Take care x

  2. I know what you mean about the boy who liked Abi. When I was writing out the thank you cards from the funeral, there was a very lovely arrangement from a name I did not recognize or had an address for. I found out thru the other kids it was from a boy who liked Kira. He also started a web site for her. The heartache for him and all the other kids must have been unbearable. Its amazing how many lives were touched by our beautiful girls. Hope everything is going well with your family. Luanne

  3. Hi Kelly – good for u at getting back out there and running again. I was 50 when Kira died and was in the best shape of my life. I ran all the time, worked out at the gym, was thin, toned, very fit. Now I am at least 25 pounds over weight and get very winded walking up a few stairs. I also just went back to nurse today and, after being 3 months off all medications but a sleep pill, I had to ask to be put back on an
    antidepressant. I just have not been coping very well. So I totally agree about how sick grief makes you. It is my firm belief and my own experience of almost six years that grief eats away at you day by month by year, both emotionally and physically til there is nothing left. Am glad to hear u r able to not be so afraid and can enjoy that exuberance that running and exercise brings. While I am pretty sure I will not be able to make it thru this grief journey, I am truly happy when I hear that someone else can. Good for you. L.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart and life. My husband was killed in August 2011. My only son was killed at age 18 in June 2013. My website/blog is

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