Photo of the week – Project 365 – week 3/52



The start of the week saw me and Baby sick and threw my work yet again behind schedule. Things improved by the end of the week and I even met a friend for lunch, which was lovely. My pictures again haven’t been much to write about (I don’t like posting pictures of ill faces, children or my own!), but I captured this pic of Baby’s gorgeous toes while we rested together. I just love babies’ feet! Continue reading “Photo of the week – Project 365 – week 3/52”


Project 365: My week in pictures – Week 1

I realised I’d not quite linked up my 365 posts properly (still learning!), So from now the posts will be weekly (phew, that makes sense!) via the linky at TheBoyandMe and Project 365.

Day 1 – a very blustery (and quick) visit to Broadway Tower.

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Project 365 – day 3: baking away the blues

My anxiety is making me feel on edge today, so I’ve hidden away in the kitchen for a spot of baking. I’m still trying to renew my love of baking as I’ve found it hard since Abi died. She loved making cakes and usually sold them for charity. Bless her. Continue reading “Project 365 – day 3: baking away the blues”

Project 365 – day 1: windy day

I’d almost forgotten to start my blogging year with #project365 until I saw some other entries on blogs I follow. Not a great start but I’ve managed to sneak in my first picture before the day is out.

My choice of theme is ‘Life’.

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