My Sunday Photo: Headspace

I’m very fortunate to live within driving distance of beautiful countryside. Yesterday, life was getting me down, but half an hour up here helped to put my troubles into perspective, and the friendly ponies cheered me up too.

I’ve linked up with #MySundayPhoto at Photoalife. Like me, Darren has posted a stunning picture of a wintery sky. There are some brilliant photos this week so do pop over and have a look!



My Sunday Photo: Reach for the stars

Not more fireworks?! This photo was taken last weekend at my in-laws. It’s a bit fuzzy but really captures the impact of a rocket going off don’t you think?

I’m not a great fan of fireworks and neither are my children, but every year my in-laws buy a couple of family boxes and we set them off in their back garden. Only my son was brave enough to stand outside with them while my daughter, toddler and baby and I sat and watched through the open patio door. My toddler freaked out and needed to cuddle up the entire time. It is rather scary. I mean, in his world, why are rockets suddenly going off in Grandad’s garden?! But by the end, when he realized he was safe, he’d settled into it. The baby slept through the entire thing!

It’s always nice to get together, but I’m quite glad Fireworks Night is over!

I’ve linked up with #MySundayPhoto at Photoalife. There are some brilliant photos this week so do pop over and have a look!


The Gallery: Macro

Despite not being a particular lover of horses, I find myself looking at them every single day.

Ponymad Girl rides four days after school. When she’s not riding, she’s showing me photos on her phone that she’s taken. And, when she’s run out of those she is begging us to take her on a drive around the local fields in search of horses to look at and stroke.

My phone is therefore filled with pictures of her and horses!

At the weekend she asked me to drive her and her friend to a new spot, a hidden stables not too far from our house. We had a lovely little ramble and found some big, friendly horses. I often end up waiting around a lot while I leave them to take photos and admire their favourite animal. And on this day I noticed we were surrounded by all kinds of wildflowers. Continue reading “The Gallery: Macro”

The Gallery: Animals

The Gallery is one of my favourite linkies (I don’t do many!), as it’s simple and really enjoyable.

This week’s theme is ‘animals‘, so I’m sharing this picture of my Pony-mad Girl (age 12) cantering a pony on a tiny beach in Mullion, Cornwall, on our recent holiday.


It’s really not the best quality; this is because it’s a screen shot from a video I took of her on my smartphone. I still managed to get a half-decent print of it for her bedroom wall though. She is always trying to capture the fastest moment and likes to crop her videos to show this to her friends (parents of pony-mad girls will understand this!).

I love this picture as it’s just so unique. I’m not sure how many beach rides we’ll go on, not many I expect, and my daughter was so pleased to have done one. Horses have been a wonderfully calming influence on her and she loves nothing more than going to the stables after a long day at school.

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Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

My new Chasing Dragonflies phone case

Last summer, I ordered a mobile phone case for my gorgeous new Samsung Galaxy S5. Having previously dropped a phone and lost everything, I wanted something that was tough but that didn’t make my phone look clumpy. I also wanted a cover that I could personalise with a photo of Abi, so I could see her face anytime. It was a big ask as choice is actually pretty limited out there – either expensive but dull or cheap and flimsy. So I was pretty excited when I came across, an online company specialising in premium design mobile phone covers.

It was so easy to create my custom case and it arrived within a couple of days. The case was perfect in every sense. Really good quality, discreet and eye catching.

My gorgeous new phone case
My gorgeous Abi phone case

The owner of the company was so touched when he heard about Abi and our sad loss that he wanted to help. And so it was that started to donate proceeds from sales of their mobile phone cases to Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the official charity of Bristol Children’s Hospital where Abi was cared for at her death.

Grand Appeal
A few months later, the design team had worked really hard and presented me with some beautiful designs focused on my blog, Chasing Dragonflies. Proceeds from sales of these would go straight to the charity.

The company also nominated Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal as their business charity, meaning further funds in the pot and have also pledged a box of iPads to be sent to the hospital for the poorly children to use while they are there. In only nine months, they’ve donated an amazing £2,000!

We’ve built up a lovely rapport with a company that puts people before profit, that is using their business to do good things – for no other reason than because they are compassionate human beings who want to help.

I’ve always loved my Abi phone cover and, indeed, as I use my phone as a camera, every time I take a photo the picture of Abi is smiling at whoever I photograph. This has been particularly poignant with our rainbow baby who never knew his biggest sister but can now recognise her in photos.

However, with my recent feelings about the focus of my grief shifting slightly, I thought it a good idea to get a new phone cover. This was more with my children in mind than me, who I wondered might feel a little put out that Abi is the only child I have on my phone cover (sibling rivalry doesn’t stop with death!). But, I also really wanted to own one of the gorgeous Chasing Dragonflies designs so it’s a good reason to get a spare! And here it is…


I’ve bought a number of different phone cases in the past but these are by far the best. I think they are worth every penny. My original case is still as good as new, and it’s survived a fair few knocks in the nine months I’ve had it!

If you’ve got an iPhone (4, 5, 6 or 6 Plus) or Samsung Galaxy S5, or are getting an upgrade to one of these models, and you want to make sure you get a phone cover that makes it look even better, please consider choosing from one of the designs at

They have lots of on-trend designs to choose from and if you buy a cover from the Chasing Dragonflies collection your money will be doing good for the patients at Bristol Children’s Hospital, the main intensive care hospital for children covering the South West, UK.

And, if you do buy a case, please do share a photo of it with me on my Facebook page or Twitter @BlogDragonflies


Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 9/52

Another pretty hectic week (am I going to start every 365 like this I wonder?). The children managed to go back to school okay and the week seemed to pass in a blur of appointments, clubs and work. I’m yet again at Sunday evening and realising I’ve not yet uploaded my photo of the week.

It’s all good though. Grubbalo is now one and it’s now March (so unofficially spring in my mind!). I haven’t blogged on here since my last 365 post although I did write this post about why I’m fed up with what TV is offering me at the moment. I enjoy my regulars, like Gogglebox, and also found I enjoyed the recent Wolf Hall series, but I’m always irritated by the number of hospital/trauma programmes on TV. Continue reading “Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 9/52”

Photos of the Week – Project 365 – week 8/52

It’s taken a while to get round to posting this (and looking at other bloggers taking part in #365 it seems I’m not alone).

It’s been half term which inevitably leaves very little time for luxuries like blogging (and blogging is my luxury after family-time, me-time and work-time!). I’m starting to see a pattern with my blogging, well if ‘pattern’ is the right term. I blog when I can, which can mean I blog a lot one week and then nothing the next, and also when I have something I want to share and not to schedule! I sometimes feel I should be keeping up with the other bloggers out there but I have to remind myself I do this for love, not money or fame! But I felt I’d been doing well with my blog and then I was surprised how easy it is to ‘fall behind’ in my blogging routine. Grubbalo being poorly and then half term week have meant I’ve not had much time to write or even read or network, but you know I don’t feel guilty.

Living life (as opposed to blogging life) is so much more valuable!
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Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 7/52

This week saw the second anniversary of my eldest daughter’s death and also Grubbalo coming down with a nasty virus and throat infection, so taking photos and blogging were not at the top of my mind. It was emotionally and physically draining, but thankfully, Grubbalo is over the illness now and I hope we can get back to normal this coming week.

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