Write like no-one’s watching

Those of you who follow me will know I haven’t been very actively blogging or using social media for a couple of months now.

Firstly, any motivation to put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) left me as I’ve not been in the right frame of mind. My brain an anxious fog. I’ve had to put every ounce of spare energy into my work, which has been quite positive as I’ve been more productive, have refreshed my business brand and picked up some new clients. But, secondly, I noticed that social media was draining my spare time and energy, and kind of making me feel a bit stressed.

The thing is, there’s something about social media that I love and plenty that I hate, and I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that, for me, developing a balanced attitude to using it is key.

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My Word of the Week – Empowered!

After the week I’ve had, I’m actually amazed that this is the word I’ve chosen to sum it up! I have many negative words I can relate to this week – hard, emotional, stressful, sad, worrying… but I’m determined, as ever, to claw some positive from what I’ve experienced.

So this week I have felt empowered!

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Blogging it out of my system

Since resuming my blog, I’ve had an outpouring of writing (or rather overthinking!) and have realised I’ve posted around 20 new blogs in just two weeks! Yikes!

When I paused the blog some seven months or so ago, my mind had stopped knowing quite what to say. I’d managed to get Abi’s story down – that was essential to me – and that felt enough at the time (although I’ve since kept those detailed posts about her passing private). I needed to get on and live, and see how I managed. Now, my mind is chattering away to me with the many things that crop up. I recall thoughts and feelings clearly and the words just flow. Often one sentence in one post can lead to a whole new post.

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