Photos of the Week – Project 365 – week 8/52

It’s taken a while to get round to posting this (and looking at other bloggers taking part in #365 it seems I’m not alone).

It’s been half term which inevitably leaves very little time for luxuries like blogging (and blogging is my luxury after family-time, me-time and work-time!). I’m starting to see a pattern with my blogging, well if ‘pattern’ is the right term. I blog when I can, which can mean I blog a lot one week and then nothing the next, and also when I have something I want to share and not to schedule! I sometimes feel I should be keeping up with the other bloggers out there but I have to remind myself I do this for love, not money or fame! But I felt I’d been doing well with my blog and then I was surprised how easy it is to ‘fall behind’ in my blogging routine. Grubbalo being poorly and then half term week have meant I’ve not had much time to write or even read or network, but you know I don’t feel guilty.

Living life (as opposed to blogging life) is so much more valuable!
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Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 7/52

This week saw the second anniversary of my eldest daughter’s death and also Grubbalo coming down with a nasty virus and throat infection, so taking photos and blogging were not at the top of my mind. It was emotionally and physically draining, but thankfully, Grubbalo is over the illness now and I hope we can get back to normal this coming week.

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Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 6/52

It’s been an odd week. Anticipation of the anniversary of my eldest daughter’s death looming and Grubbalo had a temperature so I’ve felt like I’ve not done a great deal. I managed to get to two Buggyfit sessions though, despite the cold and I must say it really is helping me to destress! Getting outdoors, working out, catching up with friends, it’s a couple of hours in the week I really need.

Anyway, I was determined my picture of the week would not be Grubbalo as he has tended to steal the limelight a little so far!

The frost during the week led to some chilly starts and the car frozen solid most mornings, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the far-from-frosty message Ponymad Girl left on my car. It certainly warmed up my day!


And, after I chose my photo of the week, I took these pictures of our local park, and the lake partially frozen and couldn’t resist sharing them as it’s such a beautiful place. I took Crackernut to see it as it’s quite something, and he loved throwing sticks at it and trying to crack it. It was also funny watching the ducks skidding around and standing about on top of the water!




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Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 5/52

Sunshine through the rain(cover)


Shameless babyspam again with this picture of Grubbalo being my favourite of the week. Nothing to add to this picture really. It was horrible cold and sleety, but I peeked into the pushchair and saw Grubbalo smiling up at me and forgot about the cold.

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Photo of the week – Project 365 – week 3/52



The start of the week saw me and Baby sick and threw my work yet again behind schedule. Things improved by the end of the week and I even met a friend for lunch, which was lovely. My pictures again haven’t been much to write about (I don’t like posting pictures of ill faces, children or my own!), but I captured this pic of Baby’s gorgeous toes while we rested together. I just love babies’ feet! Continue reading “Photo of the week – Project 365 – week 3/52”

Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 2

I’m very late to the link up this week, due the having a pretty rubbish week and Baby J coming down with a tummy bug, Ugh! I’ve been taking pictures and even compiled a full 7-day update, but you know, it was mostly pretty desperate pictures of doctors’ waiting rooms, piles of washing, my desk and Baby J emptying drawers… nothing inspiring at all (although having read lots of your other weeks on #365 during the wee hours, it seems I’m not entirely alone on the stuck indoors syndrome)!

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