My faith blog

In 2016, I set up a separate blog – By His Light – to record my reflections on my faith, as a Christian.

Coming (fully) to Christ has been a lifelong journey for me (as it is for most people of course) and since I lost Abi I have dedicated more time and effort into understanding God, Jesus and the whole purpose of faith. I have been both challenged and encouraged by my studies and experiences, and I want to share this with others who are in a similar position or who want to know more. I firmly believe that reading about other people’s reasons for faith is essential to our own understanding.

I set up a dedicated space for this as the blog posts will be about my faith in a more general life sense rather than focused specifically on grief. It is only natural that they will link up to my experiences, including losing Abi, but they are there for those who wish to read more about how I came to faith and what it means to me. I would love to know if this is helpful or of interest to you.

The posts I have written specifically about my grief and faith are still on this blog, under Faith in grief, so please also feel free to read those, too.

Please visit this site: By His Light.