International Bereaved Mother’s Day

I thought this a little strange at first, we bereaved mothers feel our loss every minute so is it wise to focus on a day for our grief?… but I missed the point.

Now I get it… take a look at this page to find out why this day is needed.

Guest blog: Collective emotion

[This article was written by my good friend Sali Green, reproduced with Sali’s kind permission]

An unexplainable sadness hit a great many people on hearing of the death of Peaches Geldof. But is it unexplainable? Some feel surprised and uncomfortable that they become part of a collective grief over someone they never met. Others show annoyance that such a fuss could be made about one person when there are so many people suffering in the world. Both reactions are natural, as are the vast spectrum of feelings around and in between them.

Emotions can be intensified because of sad news – the fragility of life; reminding us of our own losses; love and appreciation for those around us strengthened. New life lessons are learned and our young people educated.

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Shared article: We should not be isolated in mourning

To those who are grieving (and those trying to understand grief) please read this incredibly insightful article. I found myself saying yes throughout reading it. It speaks for so many.

‘…the first year is supposed to be the worst. It’s all still raw. …in some ways, the second year is harder. That’s when you realise they really aren’t coming back. It’s a horrible epiphany that can coincide with everyone else imagining you’re over the worst. But as someone once said: “Grief lasts longer than sympathy, which is one of the tragedies of the grieving.’

Guest blog: To my grieving sister… (a poem)

A beautiful poem written by my older sister in a comment, which I think deserves a post of its own.

I live each day with you, understanding the pain,
Will life ever one day, be the same?
Each heartbreaking moment reliving what was,
Life as we knew it burst into dust.

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