About me

Since I lost my eldest child suddenly in February 2013, I have been on a long and challenging journey through grief, parenting and faith.

I am a married mother of 4 (soon to be 5), living in the south of the UK.


I write about my grief journey at Chasing Dragonflies. However, it was my faith journey I want to also share with others and document; my grief blog isn’t the place for this, not all of it anyway, so I have decided to dedicate a small blog to just the faith posts that I want to write and share.

I know that of the many people who read my grief blog, only a small percentage choose to read any that include my opinions or experiences of God or Christianity, and the majority of those people are believers themselves. It’s an unpopular subject and one that I have noticed some people would rather turn from because to explore it may be just too difficult (I totally get this, as I’ve been there!). However, I would hope people would find something to relate to in my faith-related blogs as well as my other blog posts, even if they have no deep faith themselves.

I learned (the very hard way) that there is so much about Christianity that is misunderstood. That life is so much more than the four walls we live in, the bills we need to pay, the stuff we have, the concrete pavements, the rich and the poor, the hate and anger, the people we know…

I don’t claim to have all the (if any!) answers. I’m still learning, which is all part of what following Jesus is about. I’m also not here to preach! All I am doing is following what I believe God is saying to me. What he has shown me. How he has helped me. I feel a strong sense that he wants me to use the gift of writing that he gave me to just spill it all out. I know my writing has helped others – as it has helped me – and I hope my faith writing will help those too, who are struggling with their own faith.

Why ‘By His Light’?
The book of Job is the story of the terrible suffering endured by one man and how through it all he remained true to his faith in God. It wasn’t a romantic, glossy faith. It was anger, grief, pain, love and hope all rolled into one big adoring mess.

My journey has always been travelled through chinks of light. And ‘by His light, I walk through darkness’. This blog is about all aspects of my faith: the good, bad and ugly. But through it all is a message of hope.

Thank you so much for reading. If you’d like to be notified of my latest posts, please like my Facebook page or sign up for email notifications.

Kelly x



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