About me

Hello and welcome to my blog, thanks for dropping by. I’ve been quiet for a long while as I’ve been busy having babies… but I’m slowly getting back together and am looking forward to writing again!

wp-1477602633026.jpgI’m a 40-year-old mum of five, and have been happily married to a wonderful, highly tolerant! man for 17 years.

I have a daughter aged 14 (who I’m not allowed to write about, OK!), a son who’s 9, another son who is 2 and a half, and, this year, I gave birth to a baby girl who is now 6 months old. My eldest daughter, Abi, died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage in February 2013 when she was in Year 7, aged just 12. So while I have four at home, I’m always ‘mum of five’.

I started this blog initially to express my grief but over time I’ve found I am able to write about other aspects of my life and share some of my best memories and moments. I also enjoy writing about lifestyle topics – topics which spark debate and resonate with others, this might be around parenting or about what’s going on in my life or the world. I enjoy reading other blogs and getting to know those having similar experiences, or just to laugh or discuss the joys of life.

You’ll soon realise that I write it as it is, and from the heart. Having two children so soon after the loss of my eldest child and seven years after my third child was born has been challenging in lots of ways, but it’s mostly been a blessing and brought us all a renewed sense of hope and happiness.


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Kelly x

*Some of my posts include affiliated links. I only link out to products that I own, use and recommend so, don’t worry, you won’t end up buying a toaster from reading my stuff (unless you want to of course)!