My Sunday Photo: Reach for the stars

Not more fireworks?! This photo was taken last weekend at my in-laws. It’s a bit fuzzy but really captures the impact of a rocket going off don’t you think?

I’m not a great fan of fireworks and neither are my children, but every year my in-laws buy a couple of family boxes and we set them off in their back garden. Only my son was brave enough to stand outside with them while my daughter, toddler and baby and I sat and watched through the open patio door. My toddler freaked out and needed to cuddle up the entire time. It is rather scary. I mean, in his world, why are rockets suddenly going off in Grandad’s garden?! But by the end, when he realized he was safe, he’d settled into it. The baby slept through the entire thing!

It’s always nice to get together, but I’m quite glad Fireworks Night is over!

I’ve linked up with #MySundayPhoto at Photoalife. There are some brilliant photos this week so do pop over and have a look!


5 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: Reach for the stars

  1. You’ve captured that very well! My husband insists on getting a small box of fireworks for the garden every year, but I never really know why as they strike me as a bit unsafe! The kids love them though and so do my niece and nephew, who are 3 and 1.

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