Book review: According to Yes by Dawn French

I chose this book while browsing online. I thought my first book was so successful that I should stay on the comedian-author theme. As a lifelong fan of Dawn French, I didn’t think I could go wrong with According to Yes!

However, I wasn’t actually looking forward to reading the book. Why? Because I was worried I wouldn’t like it. That might sound utterly silly, but I had some of the poorer reviews in my mind that had tainted my excitement. I didn’t want to be let down by the infamously brilliant Dawn French! But, I was committed to reading out of my comfort zone – and making my own mind up – so I got started.

I must admit I found the opening few chapters irritating, or more the writing style. I think it was the editor in me wanting to rub out the repetition! There were lots of ‘very very very’s (no punctuation, gasp!), which I could feel was Dawn’s style but I did think it was a little overused. But don’t let this put you off, I put it more down to me being in a bit of a mood! 🙂

However, about a quarter of the way in the story seemed to change and flowed remarkably well. I found it hard to put down. The writing style seemed different – better – than the beginning, almost as though the editor had forgotten to look at the first part! Considering I was close to abandoning the book altogether, I’m very glad I persevered!

The story is based on a single English woman called Rosie who goes to America to look after the grandchildren of a wealthy family. Rosie is a breath of fresh air into this family and makes an impact on each of the characters. She has an infectious personality and I couldn’t help but like her (despite some of the surprising things she does!). But each character grew on me by the end of the book and I enjoyed reading about this family. It did end with a bit of a mystery, but that didn’t matter as I liked the ending a lot. I will say, it ends in a positive way, and so many stories nowadays seem to try to shock us or depress us with sad endings… this was a ‘yes!’ ending!

It’s an easy book to read but a difficult one to explain without giving away the story, but I’d highly recommend it. I was surprised I liked this so much. It was a heartwarming read and a nice world to escape to. I’ll definitely be looking at adding Dawn’s other novels to my reading list now!

Why not try According to Yes for yourself (you can buy it on Amazon). I’d love to know what you think…!

Overall rating


Can’t read a Dawn French book without tea and chocolate!


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2 thoughts on “Book review: According to Yes by Dawn French

  1. It sounds like it was worth persevering in that case! I get irritated by writing sometimes too. I’ve read a couple of her other books and although they’re not great works of literature, they’re certainly entertaining reads. I’ll look out for this one.

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