The Love to Read Book Club

Inspired by the BBC’s #LovetoRead campaign, and my own reading challenge, I thought that in order to get our children to love books, we, their parents, need to love them too. So, I’ve set up an informal online book club – The Love to Read Book Club – for busy parents, as a way to spark conversation, offer encouragement and support, and give tips and recommendations on books to read.

If this gets just a few friends dusting off a book and reading it then I’ll be a very happy woman, but it would be fantastic if this Club could grow into something that people use to keep their reading going. And, if our children see us with books in our hands occasionally, instead of screens, they may just start to develop a curiosity that leads to a love of books too.

To join the Club, simply send in a few details – there’s no rules or fees or anything like that, it’s purely a social forum that gives us chance to include books in our lives without too much effort. I look forward to hearing about your latest read!




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