Feeling thankful


Some days, I feel such a deep blessing!

It is possible to feel thankful even alongside grief and anxiety. In fact, doing so makes the blessing all the more special.

There is so much to be thankful for!


7 thoughts on “Feeling thankful

  1. I thought this on Thursday 💙 and write it down, I have started a 1 line a day 5 year diary (think I got this idea from you) but don’t write as eloquently….. I think of you often with love , Helen, Beth’s Mum

    1. That’s truly wonderful to hear Helen! And lovely to hear from you too, Beth told me about you and I feel a connection with both of you (and our dragonflies! 😄). It’s such a good idea to log the good and sad thoughts. It took a couple of years before the thankful thoughts came as often as they do now. It’s something I never thought I’d feel again, but keeping a log, and writing this blog helps me see that hope and grief really do go hand in hand. x

  2. That emotion is so healing and it took me a long time to find it. With the death of my child, I carried anger for far too long. I consider myself “healed” over my son’s death – I still shed tears and remember him, but the anguish has dissipated. I believe it was replaced with a deep appreciation for life. What you wrote is very profound and I’m very happy for you!

  3. I did celebrate my son Daniel’s 16 th.birthday with him…….not knowing it would be the last. A hug and kiss goodbye as he cycled off to school looking forward to mountain biking in the Cotswolds… and then the phone call…..and nothing is ever quite the same again. Last week would have been Daniel’s 40th. birthday.
    He was the third of my 6 children and now the younger ones are all in their thirties but still Daniel is their big brother. Are things ever the same as they were,no. Can we laugh and sing and dance again…yes. Oh how I look forward to our glorious reunion.


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