Words of comfort – May 2015

I’ve read a few posts recently that have really resonated with how I’ve been feeling or have inspired me to keep moving forward. Here are just a few of the best posts I’ve read in May:

The Mighty shared this heartfelt post – 10 Fears a Parent Who Has Lost a Child Faces – and I foudn myself nodding along as I read it. It’s heartbreaking to imagine this kind of loss, but also knowing others are experiencing the same ‘crazy’ feelings really does help make you feel a bit less alone. (@JennaDBrandt)

Natalie at Bobbin Writer, contacted me to ask permission to include my blog in her post ‘Teach children to expect the unexpected‘ about how we should all prepare our children for the tough stuff that happens in life in order to give them stronger coping skills. (@bobbinwriter)

Just becase we give in to our grief doesn’t mean we give up on ourselves, Leigh at Headspace Perspective so brilliantly captured this thought in her post – ‘Giving in is not the same as giving up‘ Leigh also wrote a poignant and thought-provoking post about The loneliness of the empty-armed mother – which is worth a read, especially if your only baby or child has died. (@leighkendall)

The words of Grief Geek never fail to inspire or comfort me. Her latest post explains the different types of grief – from traumatic grief, to delayed grief and chronic grief, to name a few. Each type of grief needs support and specialist care. (@TheGriefGeek)

Finally, this post from The Hope Diaries, while not about a bereavement as such, explores how sometimes when living with constanct struggles we need to allow ourselves the chance to mourn the ‘normal’ things we miss in life. I could really relate to this in my own situation. (@caiobhe)

I hope this roundup has been helpful. If you have read anything recently that has helped you, please do let me know so that I can share it here.


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4 thoughts on “Words of comfort – May 2015

  1. Thank you for the mention and for allowing me to include your story. Words are so powerful and you never know whose lives they will touch or how they might help somebody in future. We can all learn from one another πŸ™‚

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