Half-term haircuts

Finding time to get the children’s hair cut is a nightmare during term time as we don’t have much free-time after school, so we often have a ‘school’ day during the holidays. This is when we spend the day getting uniform and shoes, buying any new equipment and going for haircuts.

Ponymad Girl, who’s 12, is at a stage of refusing point blank to have her hair cut, so I’ve decided to leave her alone this half term. Her straight, long brown hair is nearing the bottom of her back but I’ve decided it’s easier, for a quiet life, to leave her hair until the summer hols.

So, with a free day in this busy half term, I took Crackernut, my seven-year-old son, to our local barbers. Grubbalo came too, but had a massive screaming tantrum about being put in the car seat and was not happy at all (due to feeling cranky at not having a long enough nap). He was screeching so much I considered turning back, but no, this was my only chance, the barber would just have to put up with him.

Thankfully it was quiet when we arrived so Crackernut sat down straight away and his stylist got to work. He asked for a ‘spikey’ footballer style!

She asked if I wanted the baby done too. I must admit, I hadn’t even considered getting Grubbalo’s hair cut; I’d been too fixated on sorting Crackernut’s!

I was a bit hesitant. He’s 15 months and has blonde, fluffy baby hair. It is very similar to how Abi‘s was at that age so understandably I don’t want to lose it. I love his ‘dandelion’ hair, but it was looking straggly and my boys suit a fairly close-cut style. So I agreed and before he knew what was happening, the barber was snipping away.

Grubbalo sat on my lap, though he didn’t want to wear the cape so I ended up with his trimmings all over me!



Thankfully he was so interested in what was happening and the new environment – the sound of the hairdryers seemed to calm him – that he didn’t make any fuss, only occasionally turning his head as he felt the barber lifting his hair.


I used my phone camera to keep him occupied, and still, although he did snuggle in a few times – thankfully the barber was experienced with litte ones!


Meanwhile, Crackernut was sat solid as stone (he gets nervous of the clippers and scissors so close to his head!).

She left it long on top and spiked it up for him. He was quiet but I could tell he felt pretty cool afterwards and loved the free lolly.



As for Grubbalo, his haircut seemed to get him out of his mood and he was much happier afterwards. He looked so grown up!


But I was glad when his hair sprang up again later.


The barber was great and didn’t charge me for Grubbalo as it was his first cut, and they saved some of his hair for me to keep too. It feels like a big step, like first teeth or first steps.

It looks like Grubbalo will be joining us for haircuts in future!


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