The Gallery: Macro

Despite not being a particular lover of horses, I find myself looking at them every single day.

Ponymad Girl rides four days after school. When she’s not riding, she’s showing me photos on her phone that she’s taken. And, when she’s run out of those she is begging us to take her on a drive around the local fields in search of horses to look at and stroke.

My phone is therefore filled with pictures of her and horses!

At the weekend she asked me to drive her and her friend to a new spot, a hidden stables not too far from our house. We had a lovely little ramble and found some big, friendly horses. I often end up waiting around a lot while I leave them to take photos and admire their favourite animal. And on this day I noticed we were surrounded by all kinds of wildflowers.

So, instead of horses, I took pictures of these pretty plants.

I particularly loved this teeny tiny flower sat at the top of a tall stem. So perfect, yet so small and easy to miss.


I’ve linked up with the lovely Tara, at Sticky Fingers, and her photo linky, The Gallery.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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