The Gallery: Animals

The Gallery is one of my favourite linkies (I don’t do many!), as it’s simple and really enjoyable.

This week’s theme is ‘animals‘, so I’m sharing this picture of my Pony-mad Girl (age 12) cantering a pony on a tiny beach in Mullion, Cornwall, on our recent holiday.


It’s really not the best quality; this is because it’s a screen shot from a video I took of her on my smartphone. I still managed to get a half-decent print of it for her bedroom wall though. She is always trying to capture the fastest moment and likes to crop her videos to show this to her friends (parents of pony-mad girls will understand this!).

I love this picture as it’s just so unique. I’m not sure how many beach rides we’ll go on, not many I expect, and my daughter was so pleased to have done one. Horses have been a wonderfully calming influence on her and she loves nothing more than going to the stables after a long day at school.

If you love animals, and pictures of them!, pop over to The Gallery to see what’s been shared this week.


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

11 thoughts on “The Gallery: Animals

  1. As you can imagine, I can definitely relate to this. I do think being around horses, or any animals for that matter, is great for kids. Such a fantastic shot and I imagine it will be a memory she’ll treasure forever. x

  2. What a lovely photo! It’s great that she has something that she loves and enjoys so much, it’s a very special thing to have!

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