Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 9/52

Another pretty hectic week (am I going to start every 365 like this I wonder?). The children managed to go back to school okay and the week seemed to pass in a blur of appointments, clubs and work. I’m yet again at Sunday evening and realising I’ve not yet uploaded my photo of the week.

It’s all good though. Grubbalo is now one and it’s now March (so unofficially spring in my mind!). I haven’t blogged on here since my last 365 post although I did write this post about why I’m fed up with what TV is offering me at the moment. I enjoy my regulars, like Gogglebox, and also found I enjoyed the recent Wolf Hall series, but I’m always irritated by the number of hospital/trauma programmes on TV.

My picture of the week has to go to Grubbalo, seeing as it was his proper birthday. He woke up on the day itself (a work day for me so he was going to the childminder’s) and had a giggle on the bed before getting dressed. I dropped him off and he had a great day as the childminder had made a real fuss of him with decorations and balloons, but I felt weepy all day for some reason. I think I was quite emotional that a year had passed. This time last year I was a terrible anxious mess and it’s taken so very long to feel better. I think that’s what made me well up.

Anyway, looking at his cheeky face and seeing him stuff chocolate cake in his mouth had me smiling too at the end of the day.


I’m linking up with the lovely The Boy and Me blog and Project 365. Please do take a look at what others have posted this week.
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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 9/52

  1. Such a gorgeous photo! I think a 1st birthday is always an emotional time, but after what you’ve been through it’s always going to be that much more emotional. But spring always makes things better! That’s what I’ve been telling myself and I will keep telling myself until it comes true.

  2. Who couldn’t smile at that cheeky little face?! I can understand you feeling teary. Turning 1 is a milestone and so much as happened to you this year, emotionally. Well done on making a new milestone special – chocolate cake all the way! x

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