Photos of the Week – Project 365 – week 8/52

It’s taken a while to get round to posting this (and looking at other bloggers taking part in #365 it seems I’m not alone).

It’s been half term which inevitably leaves very little time for luxuries like blogging (and blogging is my luxury after family-time, me-time and work-time!). I’m starting to see a pattern with my blogging, well if ‘pattern’ is the right term. I blog when I can, which can mean I blog a lot one week and then nothing the next, and also when I have something I want to share and not to schedule! I sometimes feel I should be keeping up with the other bloggers out there but I have to remind myself I do this for love, not money or fame! But I felt I’d been doing well with my blog and then I was surprised how easy it is to ‘fall behind’ in my blogging routine. Grubbalo being poorly and then half term week have meant I’ve not had much time to write or even read or network, but you know I don’t feel guilty.

Living life (as opposed to blogging life) is so much more valuable!

I loved half term week! I read about friends’ children falling ill with one bug or another the minute school was finished on Friday, which was utterly horrible for them, so I decided that while my children are well I will do what I can to make the most of the days. I don’t normally document my week here, but I have for the holidays and will include a few more photos we do so much more!

On Monday, I took Crackernut to Buggyfit and was so proud of him as he joined in the whole session with us and didn’t complain once – even when it was raining hard (I couldn’t even get my phone out)! Ponymad Girl was at the stables so she was keeping busy doing what she loves.

On Tuesday, Grubbalo was well enough to go back to the childminder. I dropped Crackernut off at my sister’s to play with his cousin and then I did a few hours’ work before heading over to the riding stables to watch Ponymad Girl have a private jumping lesson (my new role is sideline mum photographer!). Then Crackernut was home and we were off to his karate lesson before collecting Grubbalo.

DSC_0197 DSC_0199

On Wednesday, Grubbalo was at the childminder’s again and Ponymad Girl… you guessed it… at the stables. So Crackernut and I had  a full-on treat day together. I let him decide what we should do and we managed to cram in bowling in the new local Hollywood Bowl (fab, he beat me!), watching the new Sean the Sheep movie at Cineworld (fab film!), huge lunch at Frankie & Bennies (we both felt a bit sleepy after!), and then a trip to Smyths Toys to choose a new Disney Infinity character (I put my purse away after that)! I didn’t feel guilty about spoiling him this way (I know he would just as easily have gone to the park too), but we’d spent a lot on Ponymad Girl this week with riding, so it felt only fair.

DSC_0228 DSC_0222

On Thursday, Hubby took the day off so he took Crackernut swimming in the morning and then in the afternoon I took Ponymad girl to the stables again and went to Pattiserie Valerie with one of my friends while our daughters had their fun at the stables. We had a lovely hour of chat and gorgeous cake.

On Friday, it was back to Buggyfit for Crackernut, Grubbalo and me, while Ponymad Girl was back at the stables for a fun morning session! We then had a more relaxing afternoon before going back to the stables (again!) for Ponymad Girl’s usual Friday afternoon session and doing a supermarket shop in readiness for Grubbalo’s 1st birthday party on Saturday.

On Saturday, while Ponymad Girl was at the stables and Crackernut at football, I put up a few party decorations and tidied up ready for my mum and sisters to pop over to watch Grubbalo blow out his first candle (his birthday is on Tuesday). I had intended to make a cake but ran out of time so it was the traditional Colin the Caterpillar cake (well, it has to be done!), which he loved as he’s chocolate mad (hmm, wonder where he gets that from?!).

Crackernut (far right) and his cousins
Grubbalo wasn’t sure whether to foof or bite first!


DSC_0241 DSC_0294

So today, my hubby was fab and let me sleep in until midday – MIDDAY! And then he took them to his parents’ for lunch so I could catch up on work (as you can appreciate I only did about four hours during the week!).

Tomorrow is inset day for both older children but after Buggyfit they will both be getting on with homework (I hate that homework gets set during the holidays, they are supposed to be on holiday and how are they (we) supposed to fit it in?).

I’ve linked up with Project 365 at The Boy and Me.


3 thoughts on “Photos of the Week – Project 365 – week 8/52

  1. Happy birthday to Grubbalo! He looks such a big boy now. It sounds like you all had a lovely week. It’s brilliant that your girl gets to spend so much time at the stables and lovely that you could spend so much time with your big boy. x

  2. Gosh I agree with you on the homework thing – really spoils a holiday doesn’t it? We had to actually take some away with us this year 😦 Looks like little Grubbalo had a fab birthday and everyone got to do something that they love. I’m with you on the chief photograph at the stables role! x

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