Photo of the Week – Project 365 – week 7/52

This week saw the second anniversary of my eldest daughter’s death and also Grubbalo coming down with a nasty virus and throat infection, so taking photos and blogging were not at the top of my mind. It was emotionally and physically draining, but thankfully, Grubbalo is over the illness now and I hope we can get back to normal this coming week.

Half term will be spent fairly quietly; Buggyfit, riding stables and karate are all still on for me and the children, so I’m sure the week will fly by.

This is my favourite photo which I took on my new Nikon J4 (oooo so in love!). I snapped this as Grubbalo ate his biscuit. He’d been so off his food so it was good to seem him eating again, I just love his pinky finger. A well-mannered baby it seems! I’m looking forward to using the Nikon more (as I’ve only ever used my smartphone in recent years), my main ambition is to get a decent picture of the moon, and also some gorgeous skies!



I couldn’t resist adding this one too, which came in close second:



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