Words Worth Reading – my top five blog reads in January

Words Worth Reading is my new monthly round up of blog posts I’ve read and loved this month. Here are five of my favourite blog posts for January (and Twitter handles if you want to follow). It’s hard to choose as there is SO much good writing out there, but here are the posts that stuck in my mind.

This month, I noticed a common theme of ‘resolutions’ – blogs and bodies being revamped and revitalised!

I’ve been blogging regularly for around a year now, and there are many things I love about it but also quite a few that bug me so much. I loved this post by Single Mummy Ahoy about her 10 Blogging Bugbears. I found myself nodding along as I read through these. So it’s worth a read to see if you agree, or even if you’re inadvertently doing some of them! @SingleMAhoy

We all need a bit of a blogging pep talk every now and then, and Hannah at Mums Days‘ post – 10 lessons from daily blogging – gives some really useful and reassuring tips, following her aim to blog every day for a year. If you want to get some advice about how to write well regularly then look no further. @mumsdays

I joined the linky over at Budding Smiles called Blogging to Jogging, along with a whole load of other lovely bloggers who are looking to get fitter and live healthier this year. We’ve been keeping each other updated mainly via the Facebook group. however, this blog post – New Year, New Me. Getting Healthy and Stopping the Diets – by the lovely Becky at 3 Princesses One Dude really struck a chord with me about how she’s giving up Slimming World, for her daughter. I don’t go in for dieting, living life by colours or points, more reducing the junk and eating better so I’m definitely on the same page as Becky. Go have a read, I think you’ll be surprised. @3princess_1dude

On the fitness theme, you could almost hear the applause when you opened the link to Lisa Jackson‘s guest post on Mumsnet. It’s time we rebelled against the way fitness is sold to us is another bit of a ‘fingers up’ to how the fitness industry alienates those of us who don’t consider ourselves to be ‘sporty’. Read about how this sports phobic became a multiple marathon runner. It’s a truly inspiring read, especially if you are starting to flag after the January push. @LISAJACKSON43

Getting back out there was also the theme for my lovely blogging friend Leigh, at Headspace Perspective, who wrote a beautifully inspiring post about her path back to fitness after losing her darling baby, Hugo, last year. Go and read This Girl Can, Too I’m sure you won’t fail to be inspired to get those running shoes out! @Leighkendall

I hope you enjoy these reads, see you again in Feb!



2 thoughts on “Words Worth Reading – my top five blog reads in January

  1. Thank you for the kind mention! I’m chuffed, there are some fab posts here. I loved that Lisa Jackson guest post, I was cheering along to it too. And how could I have missed Vicky’s blogging bugbears post? Agree with it all! xxx

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