Words of comfort – January 2015

This is the first in what will be a monthly round up of some of the best blog posts I’ve read this month about grief.

Living with grief, you can forget that there are a lot of people out there who have yet to experience it first-hand, and when a child dies that you know of it can create confusion and worry in your own child. I was so struck by Suburban Mum’s post How do you explain death to your child? that I wrote this post about my favourite children’s books about dying. @suburb4nmum

The lovely Emma, over at Three is the Magic Number, blogs about her grief after losing her sister to cancer aged just 28. Her post, It’s Complicated perfectly summarised the complexity of how a grieving person is feeling – how the awkwardness and strain of dealing with people is a daily problem. Another beautiful blog.

This Huffpost blog post You Aren’t Here Now: How Grief and Mindfulness Don’t Mix, by Megan Divine, really struck a chord with me as I’ve been battling with relaxation and mindfulness. It’s simply not something a grieving person can do easily, if at all. Mindfulness seems to be the answer to all our problems, but for many of us this isn’t a solution at all. Megan’s posts on her blog on Refuge in Grief are worth reading whether you are grieving or not. @refugeingrief

The lovely Leigh at Headspace Perspective blogs regularly about her grief after her baby son, Hugo, died last year. Her blog itself is definitely worth following as she covers areas such as premature birth, HELLP syndrome, life after losing a baby and the complexities of grief. I could share any of her posts, but this post is something I’ve drafted a post about myself and it’s such an important message about grief: Empathy vs Sympathy: Why the difference matters. @leighkendall

I have been in a mental muddle for a few months now, but this post by Scribbles and Crumbs about how her faith in God helped her through some of her darkest days was a brave and honest piece of writing. After Lexi’s baby Charlie died last year, she has written some amazing posts. I have been truly inspired by her faith and never fail to take comfort from reading this blog. @lexibehrndt

On a similar theme, I shared this post by These Widow’s Shoes, called Counselling for Copers. It really resonated with me and reassured me that taking control of my mental health is just as important as looking after my family’s. Parents are definitely life’s copers, we struggle on and put everyone first but ourselves. Talking to someone who doesn’t know you, won’t talk over you to make you (or them) feel better or tell you what to do is vital. @widowsshoes

I hope this round up has been of interest to you. See you again in Feb!



6 thoughts on “Words of comfort – January 2015

  1. Megan’s voice has been my saviour these last few months, her words never fail to help me somehow. It’s as if she reaches into my brain and makes perfect sense of everything bouncing around in there that I can’t quite grasp hold of. X

      1. No I’m not. I used to be, but social media was getting a bit much, I took myself off for my own sanity! X

  2. Thank you again! Another incredible list to be part of. Megan’s work is always incredible. I remember reading the one about how the Kubler-Ross model of grief is nonsense and feeling such relief xxx

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