The Gallery: Trees

When I saw that the theme of the week for The Gallery was trees, the first thing that came into my mind was my daughter’s memorial tree.

I paid her a visit (at the cemetery) and took some snaps. Her tree, a pink cherry blossom, while bare of leaves, stood out as it’s covered in ribbons and ornaments that we and others have left. The decorations really reflect her personality and are pretty to look at, especially in these bleak months.

It was difficult to choose one image as there were a number of things I wanted to share, but this ballet dancer shot was perfect. It was left by someone not long after her memorial was placed (around July 2013). Abi did ballet, tap and modern for many years and, while she was never a stage girl, she loved to dance.

The tree was an important feature for us at the cemetery as it goes through the changes of the seasons, almost representing Abi’s life and death. As she died in February, the fact it looks so bare reflects our mood. But it has grown since it was first planted and I believe Abi is growing in heaven. I’m looking forward to late spring, when it will bloom bright pink again.


This is a compilation of some of the other momentos.


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8 thoughts on “The Gallery: Trees

  1. This is such a beautiful photograph and post you’ve shared. I love that you envision your daughter growing in heaven, along with the tree growing on earth. It’s such a touching way to honour her memories and feel close to her through the seasons x

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