Project 365: My week in pictures – Week 1

I realised I’d not quite linked up my 365 posts properly (still learning!), So from now the posts will be weekly (phew, that makes sense!) via the linky at TheBoyandMe and Project 365.

Day 1 – a very blustery (and quick) visit to Broadway Tower.


Day 2clearing away the Christmas decs to discover these beauties still hanging in there on the windowsill


Day 3 – having felt so positive for a day or two, I fell into an anxious slump and absorbed myself in a spot of baking as therapy.


Day 4 – Sunday lie-in for me! Was a sloven and didn’t get up until 11.30am! But then I’m exhausted. Baby J (10 months old) is still in our bed mainly because he still doesn’t sleep through and I really don’t see the point of having his cot in our room as he’s never slept in it! I haven’t even bothered to make it! I’m not complaining too much, he loves sleeping with us and I like him close, but my back is paying the price for being squashed in the middle and I’m missing having my side of the bed.

We’re building another bedroom in the next couple of months so baby J will have somewhere to go… I’m just not sure he’ll want to by then!

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27 thoughts on “Project 365: My week in pictures – Week 1

  1. Lovely pics, the tower looks like a great location to get some fresh air and baking is always good therapy – although the Christmas lbs need some reducing soon! The cot pick has made my bloodiness increase!

  2. I love co-sleeping, listening to your little one’s breathing or snoring quietly is the most reassuring sound in the night. 🙂 I use baking as a therapy as well. Happy new year!

  3. Enjoy the cuddles with him, it’s such a special time and I miss them. That tower is pretty impressive, what a wonderful place to visit.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. You can sense it is blustery in that first picture and looks like a fascinating place and one I don’t know. I had roses like that bought by my OH. I find baking very therapeutic too. Think that might be my fave photo of yours this week

  5. I love those flowers, nice to see a patch of sunshine in an otherwise fairly dull month. Channeling your anxiety into baking seems to be like a very sensible choice. Hope the cake was good! x

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