Project 365 – day 3: baking away the blues

My anxiety is making me feel on edge today, so I’ve hidden away in the kitchen for a spot of baking. I’m still trying to renew my love of baking as I’ve found it hard since Abi died. She loved making cakes and usually sold them for charity. Bless her.

But I love the way I can zone out whilst preparing a yummy cake and usually it’s more this than the eating that is the better therapy (although of course I’ll give the cake a try!).

Today, it’s Mary Berry’s Lemon Syrup Loaves and Betty Crocker’s Vanilla sponge. I’m still getting used to the electric oven so I’m hoping they turn out okay.


What do you do to unwind and switch off?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – day 3: baking away the blues

  1. They sound delicious! My son tells me that girls in his class are often baking cakes and selling them for Abi. I didn’t know this was something she had done herself.
    I must say baking is not something which interests me, but I know a lot of people get pleasure from it. My blogging and social media is my escape!

    1. Thanks Sarah, Abi was forever disappearing into the kitchen and leaving it covered in flour…. a nice memory. I only got into it a few years ago but then life changed and I lost my mojo. I’m hoping the kitchen revamp will help!

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