Project 365 – day 1: windy day

I’d almost forgotten to start my blogging year with #project365 until I saw some other entries on blogs I follow. Not a great start but I’ve managed to sneak in my first picture before the day is out.

My choice of theme is ‘Life’.

My photos will focus on aspects of life that are usually unnoticed or overlooked. I’m forever taking and sharing photos of my children, especially my rainbow baby J. But I want the project to dig a little deeper or be more poignant than the general cute pics I share. I expect it will be a mixture of people, places, sunsets, skies and nature, but who knows what will inspire me each day.

My first photo is from our family outing (more like dragging!) to Broadway Tower near Evesham. 1st January has been very windy and the location is set on a hill, so we were all catching our breath and being blown around. We managed around ten minutes before wanting to head home and sit on the sofa with a cuppa and chocolates!

My hubby is stood on a peak in front of the tower, which makes him look huge next to it (or the tower small!), but I noticed he ran to this windiest part almost to blow his cobwebs away and play with Boy J. For a moment, king of the castle with no work, chores, grief or stress to bother him.


I expect #project365 will be an interesting catalogue of my year in pictures and I’d love you to tag along. If you’re doing it too, let me know and I’ll make sure I follow your updates. I’m also on Instagram as @mummycaptures so you can see more pictures. I love life and I love capturing it. Here’s to a memorable year!


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