My grief blog

I first started blogging after my 12-year-old (oldest) child died suddenly in Feburary 2013. I initially logged everything that happened during those terrible days so that my friends and family could understand what we’d been through.

I post at Chasing Dragonflies.


Over time, the blog developed into an outlet for my grief and memories of Abi. Through my blog, I’ve also set up a dedicated area for others grieving a child, called the Comfort Zone. I’m touched that I have such a dedicated following of readers of this blog and have been contacted by a number of parents who have since found themselves in this terrible ‘grief club’. It really does help to know that you are not alone. (N.B. The grief blog contains some pretty raw and personal stuff so I’d not recommend it for young people and children who knew Abi.)

However, I found I have other things I wanted to write about, so I set up Mummy Writes… as a general blog to write about other aspects of my life such as my health and wellbeing, family life, and anything else that comes to mind.

I hope you like the designs too. The very talented Helen Braid worked her magic for me! You can find her at @EllieAllAtSea on Twitter


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