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A week before we went on our holiday, in July, my new mobile phone upgrade arrived. I’m an Android girl, and I was so thrilled with my shiny new Samsung Galaxy 5, as my Galaxy 3 was slowly grinding to a halt.

I chose the new blue colour as it was a very ‘Abi’ blue and it was just gorgeous. However, I knew from past experience that I had to get some decent protection for my phone… and fast. Only the year before, I dropped my 3 and lost everything on it (thankfully I’d backed up all my precious Abi photos only the week before!). So I bought the most protective case I could. It was pink and rubbery but quite clumpy. There wasn’t much choice.

Ahhh, new phone, in Abi blue!
Ahhh, new phone, in Abi blue!

When planning my phone upgrade, I was hoping to buy a personalised phone case with Abi’s photo on it. I felt ready to do that as previously it was just too hard. It’s fine when people put their children on personalised products, but a departed child? It was something I had to think carefully about doing.

So, with just a week till my holiday, I did a quick browse on Google to find something hard-wearing but personalised for my phone.

I quickly found, a slick and well-designed website offering premium quality phone covers for iPhones, iPads and Samsungs. Oooo they had some fabulous designs and I was delighted to see they offered a personalised cover, particularly as my phone was still relatively new to the market.

It didn’t take me long to search their products and I found they did a ‘Tuff’ version of their cases. And personalised! I couldn’t believe my luck!

So, I chose my favourite photo of Abi, uploaded it and was able to fiddle with the layout online to get the best position, and added it to my basket. Within minutes, I’d paid for it via PayPal – just under £25, which was more than I have paid in the past for other cases, but I knew my options were limited so I hoped it was a good buy.

In just three days, the day before we went on holiday in fact, my order arrived. It was beautifully wrapped and packaged and I opened it so carefully, just hoping it would be as good as I’d hoped.

I was just amazed by the finish. The cover is glossy and the image pin sharp. It’s a tough-feeling plastic with a rubber backing and surround so it felt really strong. It fitted my phone really easily and all the holes matched up, in fact it didn’t swamp the camera like other cases do, it even left a bit of the ‘Abi blue’ for me to see (it’s often a shame to cover up the phone itself).

My gorgeous new phone case
My gorgeous new phone case

I took a quick pic and posted on Twitter to the team at Getincased about how happy I was with the phone, that I could look at Abi all the time now. And that was that.

Yet having ‘quality’ hearts as well as ‘quality’ products, they sent me a message to tell me that they were refunding my full payment!

I was so humbled by this simple act of generosity. They certainly didn’t have to do this, and they didn’t ask for anything in return (I was going to write a review for them anyway, I was that impressed!). I know they didn’t do this for any glory, they did it because they are decent, caring souls who just felt the sorrow of my loss and wanted to help me.

So, as I was writing this up anyway, I asked if they could help my readers too…

If you’re looking for a new iPhone or Samsung phone case – or even if you would just like a quality personalised option – go and browse their website. If you type in the code: ‘DRAGONFLIES‘ in your basket you’ll get 20% off any of the cases.

I can’t rate these cases highly enough, and with this deal, you can’t go wrong.

I’d love to know if any of you use this offer to spruce up your phone.

The unintended brilliance of having Abi on my phone, is that whenever I point my camera at my baby or children, they can see Abi smiling at them. The baby has even started babbling to her! Just a small way of keeping Abi with us each day.


4 thoughts on “Mobile phone cover review and offer –

  1. What a lovely thing for them to do! And what a fantastic case. I’ve had a couple of personalised cases over the years and they’re pretty good, but not extra tough like this one. Hoping to get a new phone soon, so will check these out when I do.

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