Cows on holiday

Age: 7 and 15 days

We’re staying on a fabulous farm, with newly converted cottages. You’ve settled in brilliantly after your initial nerves about being away from home.

You love your sleep. Well, you like to lie in, you’re terrible about going to sleep early, you seem to be more alert at night time, especially when it’s so light outside. So when you called out this morning I had to laugh.

All the windows are open as it’s so hot, and at 6am the cows started mooing really loudly outside the window (we later learned they were making a break for it and escaping!). At first you thought it was Dad snoring! You called out, ‘Dad, make it stop!’ Then you thought it was the TV and called out, ‘Turn it off Daaaaad!’

Such a town boy. But it was a lovely wake up call, don’t you think?



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