Sky over stables

Sky over stables

Just a glance.
Saw a sky so beautiful.
Dark cloud touching the sun
over the stables.
Parents looking at their watches.
Grab my phone.
Baby in arms.
Children running around.
Snap a shot.
Hope for the best.
Forget it.
Find it later.
A moment captured.


3 thoughts on “Sky over stables

  1. I love and savour moments like this too. There was a morning last week when I took Indy for a walk 6ish am. Kayte Lane field had a hovering low mist. As i walked on, I was amongst a web of glistening dandelion clocks which looked like bulbs of pretty, dust. Early morning sunrise making hazy silhouettes in the distance. Magical moments which enhance wonderful heavenly thoughts. My morning walks are my Abi moments, each warm and special. Just wish I had my phone with me to snap the moment xxx

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